Christmas is coming and elves will soon be returning around the country, keeping an eye on young girls and boys in the run up to Christmas Day.

How will your elf arrive this year?

We’ve got some fantastic ideas for you. Take a look at the photos below or pop into the shop with your own genius plans.

Whether your festive buddy will be watching from the sofa, chilling out in the kitchen or be a true elf on the shelf, we’ve got plenty of ways to reintroduce them to your family shenanigans again this year.

Treat your elf to a new jumper or some pyjamas. How about a teeny tiny door, the perfect size for him? We’ve got plenty of elf reports too.

If you fancy dress up in elf costumes yourself, check out these amazing fancy dress outfits. Elf Tutus, Workshop Elf, Naughty Elf, Lady Elf & Man Elf. We’ve also got a Classic Merry Elf Balloon Bouquet, with a selection of co-ordinating balloons in foil and latex.

Have fun bringing back the elf this Christmas!