We’re always adding new products to our party store here at Party Fever in Harrogate.

Our balloon bouquet section is no exception.

We think planning birthday parties should be a piece of cake, which is why we’ve got this good-enough-to-eat cake balloon. Fans of the Great British Bake Off (especially presenter Noel Fielding!) would love this sweet rainbow birthday bouquet which features the Rainbow Cake & Candle foil balloon. It’s all combined & fixed to a stylish weight, so this balloon bouquet makes a fantastic floor standing decoration. Sticking with the baking theme, our Birthday Sprinkles Birthday Balloon Bouquet is perfect for those who love sweet treats.

Our Classic Birthday Presents Balloon Bouquet is perfect if the recipient said they didn’t want any presents this year. It’s awesome balloons, shaped like birthday gifts! Perfect for both guys & girls, this one will put a birthday smile on their face!

Pineapples are on trend at the moment and we have some totally tropical designs. Our Classic Birthday Pineapple Balloon Bouquet features a huge Golden Pineapple, perfect for a luau! Another option is for us to pair Birthday Hibiscus Stripes foils and Pineapple latex double stuffed with Pink and Rose for tropical birthday fun! For some comedy with your pineapple, our Mr Cool Pinapple wears mirrored sunglasses.  Two foil balloons are matched with three brightly coloured latex balloons. Spot on.

Sticking with the comedy theme, here’s a balloon bouquet to remind you that your birthday is the time to go bananas!  The chimp’s sunglasses are mirrored which adds to the fun of this birthday balloon bouquet. Add some glitz to a birthday with our range of sparkle balloon bouquets, available in green, purple, pink & blue.

For dog lovers, we’ve got some incredibly cute canine-themed balloon bouquets. For our Pink Pug Birthday Balloon Bouquet, we take a couple of cute lil’ pups for a very special celebration, paired with pink and gold dot latex balloons. #puglife. Add some cats into the mix too with our Party Pets Birthday Balloon Bouquet.

We’ve got animals aplenty as we also have our flamingos range. Celebrate by having a drink or two with this giant beer glass balloon bouquet or hail the birthday queen with this trendy pink and gold, crown-topped bouquet which is a regal birthday surprise! We have nautical balloon bouquetscar-themed balloon bouquets and a summer bunting balloon bouquet which is perfect for the sunshine season ahead.

We even have giant letter balloons available so you can spell out the name of the birthday boy or girl! We have the complete alphabet available, just choose from the drop-down box on the product page. We always trim our foil balloons with a couple of colours of ribbon, so let us know if you have a colour preference.

Have a fantastic birthday, with love from Party Fever.