For neutral decorations we have loads of yellow or other coloured garlands, bunting and tableware. These can, of course, be swapped out once the gender has been revealed! You could fill one of our Question Mark Pinatas with sweets coloured pink or blue, or pop a giant balloon to reveal the coloured confetti within.


There are some incredible ideas online too. Take these 7 awesome ideas from babycentre. They show that you don’t even need to find out yourself in order to plan a party. One person got the doctor to right down the gender, pop it in an envelope then they went to a shop and asked the shop worker to look inside and then fill a box with either pink or blue balloons. They then opened the box in front of their family and friends so they all found out together. How cute! We have plenty of balloons if you wanted to do something similar, we’d be honoured! Just make sure you have someone filming or taking photos to capture those priceless reactions, we’d love to see them!


Of course, you could always just opt for a traditional baby shower rather than a gender reveal party. Ship the fellas off the the pub, get some tea and cake on the go and spoil the mum-to-be with presents and time together. It’ll probably be calmer and provide less chance of waters breaking due to excitement!


Visit us in store in Harrogate and let’s see how we can make your gender reveal party extra special. Congratulations on your pregnancy, the greatest adventure is just beginning!