It’s that time of year again, Eurovision is here!

Whilst we celebrate but a nil points these days, there’s nothing quite like a good ol’ Eurovision party with friends and family.

This year will be the 63rd time Eurovision takes place and after winning last year, Portugal are hosting for the first time.

We’ve got balloons in a rainbow of colours so you can support any and every country and their awesome acts. Our range of fancy dress costumes is wild and colourful so it will fit right in with the event. Our Around The World section includes Oktoberfest Lederhosen, French Maids Outfit & Tam-o-Shanter costumes and there’s usually at least one act dressed up like pirates. If anyone goes down the sexy fairytale route, you can fit right in with our fantastic range which includes Little Red Riding Hood.

Support our UK act, SuRie & her song ‘Storm’, with our Patriotic party range. This includes streamers, costumes and party poppers.

The night is usually just as much about politics and inter-country friendships as it is about wacky inaudible lyrics. With that said, Russia is returning after their absence last year and for the first time in over 6 years, no country will be withdrawing from the contest – well, that’s correct at time of writing! Israel are currently the favourites – again, correct at time of writing!

Make sure you get plenty of drinks in (of the soft drink variety too!) and get an epic Eurovision drinking game underway. We can’t wait to hear Graham Norton’s commentary throughout the final! Scott Mills & Rylan Clark-Neal will be covering the semifinals during the week too. Click here if you need plastic tumblers or wine glasses!

Enjoy the crazy antics of Eurovision & good luck UK!